Breakdancing fiend!

by christy on July 18, 2008

I went to the doctor today, thinking I might have a UTI after missing a couple days of work and other crappy symptoms. Won’t find out until Monday.

But anyhow, they did an ultrasound. I was nervous (I usually am just before they check it out, only because I can’t feel it move yet and I’m still shocked there’s something growing in there!), but had no reason to be! He put the wand on my stomach and, almost on cue, the doctor’s cell phone went off with some crazy pop tune, and my baby was kicking up a storm on his little head, his hands and feet pumping in the air. He was totally breakdancing, and I’ve been giggling all afternoon, wishing I had a little video of it. :)

I’m still in total shock that this is actually happening!

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