mommy & daddy’s story

by christy on October 4, 2009

Dear Max,

Someday you will want to know how mommy and daddy met. This is how it happened.

Your daddy, and I were both registered on, an internet dating site. We were both looking for a Christian partner, but that person had to be special. We both needed someone that was very into art, music (and not just the Christian stuff, but the good stuff, too :)), and had a certain sense of style. Someone not “religious”, but that believed Christianity is instead about a relationship with Jesus Christ and his saving grace (I have the verse Ephesians 2:8,9 tattooed on my shoulder now: “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast“).

Well, one day your daddy received an email from with my profile on it. Well, he tried to sign up so he could contact me, because of course he was quite attracted to me. But he was unable to get an account, so he decided to see if I was on or (I was on both) so he could contact me for free.  Sure enough, he found me, after scrolling through all the women in Seattle my age and in my demographic.

On July 29, 2004, I received this in my inbox:

So I got a thingy from today saying we’re 84% compatable. 84% aint bad, right? So I click through and was completly surprised to see many of my thoughts mirrored in your profile. I have yet to meet any hip, Christian girls that share my interests in art, music, film, culture, etc. Looks like you’re fun, interesting, and have STYLE! And here you are on MySpace. You can check out my profile on Match & Friendster–they’re a bit more informative–to find out more about moi. If you’re interested, we should meet up.


I was a bit taken aback, but when I saw his photos and checked out his profiles, I was intrigued. And so we agreed to meet Sunday evening, August 1st, 2004, at 6:00PM at Top Pot Doughnuts on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

As I was driving and looking for parking, I saw a blond head bobbing down the hill to the place, and knew it was him. I walked in and there was your daddy. Instant connection. We sat there and ate doughnuts and drank tea and coffee until 11PM when Top Pot closed.

Well, that day daddy had adopted Inez and Dignan, our cats (Diggy died a couple years ago, and so now we have Sweet Jane, our 3-legged kitty, but Nezzie is still kicking!), but they were only 6 weeks old or so at the time. So I offered him a ride home and went in to see his kittens (that’s a good move if ever you want to meet a girl, by the way, Maxy!). Two of his roommates, Eric and Adam, were sitting in the dark of their big rental house watching a movie, so I was a bit shy, but we went to the back room where the kittens were staying and hung out for another two or three hours. It was the perfect first date. Later daddy would understand what a big deal it was for me to stay out until early in the morning when I had to work at 8AM the next day, as I’ve always needed at eight hours of sleep or so.

The next time we went out, I think perhaps that Wednesday, we saw the movie The Village and had thai food someplace down on 1st Avenue. A perfect gentleman, he didn’t kiss me. I began to think that this could be it, he could be The One.

The next weekend he took me to see Napoleon Dynamite. He’d already seen it but it was hilarious. I know I laughed probably loudest in the audience, but daddy didn’t mind.

When we got back to his house (I think we took turns driving, but I would drive to his house, usually, since he lived closer to downtown), we hung out for a bit before I headed home. We awkwardly stood chatting in the living room for a few minutes before he finally said “so… um… I like you, do you like me?” I think I giggled like a schoolgirl and said “yes” and he said “so, do you want to be my girlfriend?” And again, I couldn’t help but giggle and say “yes”.

Now, I’ve never held that theory that a kiss can tell you everything you need to know about someone. But let me tell you (and I know someday you will think this is gross, so I’m sorry, but remember that mommy and daddy were once young and pretty good looking! :)) that first kiss was the most amazing kiss I’d ever had in my life (and yes, mommy had been kissed quite a bit before, but let’s not speak of that now). I felt literally swept off my feet, like I was floating on air. He walked me to my car and again kissed me, and it was just as magical. I couldn’t believe the feeling that carried me home, and when I got there, I told your grandma that I was going to marry him. She said “yeah, right, tell me that again in six months”.

Six months later, your daddy proposed to me, and just over a year after our first date, on August 5, 2005, we were married.

No one questioned the fact that we were getting married so quickly, because it was obvious that we were meant for one another. I never thought I would ever find a man as perfect for me as him, but when God gave him to me, He exceeded all my expectations. As long as we both shall live, you need not worry that your daddy and I ever part. We promised to be together for the rest of our lives, happily or unhappily, and we’ve decided that “happily” would be a much better option. I love your daddy more and more every day, forever and always.



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