3D baby!

by christy on August 7, 2008

We had another ultrasound today, and this time got 3D! Apparently mothers often don’t want to see the 3D at this point because it looks so strange, but that’s only to be expected. I think it looks so cool either way. Again, (s)he was very stubborn, and wouldn’t move its hand from its face during the 3D, and she again had to go in the other way when it wouldn’t turn to show us its spine. Of course we’d just woken it from a nap, so it was stretching and making itself comfortable, not entirely caring about the world around.

She had us look away when she looked at its legs, since it had them crossed. I asked if she could tell the sex and she said “yes, I took a look”. Its sort of exciting that someone out there knows, but it’s definitely taking all my willpower not to find out!

Has its hand covering its face here. Very stubborn – (s)he would not move it no matter what we did!

I think it looks like the Swedish Chef or one of the midget Muppets from The Labyrinth here. It of course has eyes, but it moves so much and the imaging makes it hard to get a perfect picture every time.

Profile shot of the face.

Profile shot, but (s)he’s looking slightly away from the camera.

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