Too hot to handle

by christy on August 21, 2008

Jason and I have switched places. Used to be, I was always cold and would cuddle up to him for warmth in the middle of the night. Now even with a fan and air conditioner blowing through the night, I tend to burn up and only use a sheet (because I need something on top to sleep). I’m also not allowed to keep my hand on him for too long – I like to reach over and put it on his shoulder or hand while we’re going to sleep, but apparently I’m “as hot as a light bulb” these days.

Inez the cat, on the other hand, is as happy as she’s ever been, having found a new spot right next to my pillow (since she can’t handle the fact that I turn over every 5 minutes; when staying with my step mom in the hospital after her surgery once on a cot, she amusingly watched me “flip like a fish” every few minutes throughout the night. It’s especially important now that my hips get sore after too long, but thank God for our Tempurpedic mattress!). Inez is the one who lies directly against the heater or radiator in the winter and we swear she’s going to burst into a furry ball of flames someday. Now if I reach over, she meows and rolls onto her back in ecstasy, something that I should enjoy for the time being. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to enroll her and Sweet Jane into a sibling class for children of expectant mothers to prepare.

Speaking of classes, I’m about to enroll in one at NYU, possibly the only time they’ll accept me, and in the medical center of all places! Granted, it’s a birthing class and all that’s really required is being knocked up (I find that term so appropriate – some days I feel knocked up, down, inside and out!). It’s supposed to be a great place to give birth, which is why my OB-GYN delivers there. And I’m happy because, once we live in Astoria, the trip is only 25 minutes, or 40 in rush hour, since it’s just one freeway down through Queens, another over and down into Manhattan. The class isn’t until December, but they want you to enroll by week 20 since they fill up quickly. I’ve already started The Big Book of Birth, just because I know it’s going to take these next five months to prepare my mind for what’s actually going to occur then, and I still haven’t decided whether I’m going natural or medicated. I figure it’s going to hurt and it’s going to suck no matter how I go about it, just depends on how much I want to put myself and/or the baby through!

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Amber September 16, 2008 at 3:34 pm

We just finished our childbirth classes! Be prepared – you see actual births. I want to know – who signs up to have all of that videotaped by a camera crew? I just found your blog – and glad I did! Hope you’re feeling well these days.

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