by christy on August 26, 2008

So I think I might possibly be feeling the baby move. It’s only happened a handful of times or so when I’m lying down or sitting still. Hard to tell because when I put my hands on my belly I can feel all the blood pumping to it from my heart. But at other moments out of the blue I’ll feel something and think “was that it? No, couldn’t be… but that’s what they say it’s supposed to feel like…” It’s sort of like if you’re lying very still in the bathtub so the water is not moving at all. Then you twitch a finger or a toe and there’s a slight ripple that moves to another part of your body. But this is going on inside my body, and very quickly. And of course it’s not incredibly different from mild gas or a stomach growling slightly, although my stomach is higher up now and my intestines are being shoved back, so I’m pretty sure the feeling is coming from the baby’s locale.

I’m 19 weeks, 1 day at this point. So right around the time I might start feeling it. I’ve gone on a couple pregnancy boards for others due in January (which I can only stand for so long – so many posts are regarding aggrevating in-laws or mothers by hormonal pregnant women, and I can’t deal with too much complaining, particularly when I want to be the center of my own universe at this point with my own pregnancy issues) and there are women worrying because they started to feel movement and now haven’t in a week and think something might be wrong. I’m just trying to chill about the whole thing, because I know soon enough I’ll be so huge and uncomfortable, and one swift kick to the rib will leave me out of breath and longing either for the days where it was too small to feel or, more likely, wanting desperately to get it out.

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Amber September 16, 2008 at 3:38 pm

I was never sure either. I thought I always had gas but I think it was the baby :) At first it was fun to feel him move around and now he just sticks is arms, legs, butt everywhere and sometimes I poke him back b/c some part of him is sticking out too far!

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