a year of you

by christy on December 24, 2009

My dearMax,
I had started a draft yet am unable to locate it. I was posting photos of your first holidays, but it wasn’t looking quite right.  So instead, here I’ll give some highlights of 2009, the year you came into my life and made your daddy and I a complete family:

With daddy minutes after your birth

The moment you were born. Both for the pain relief (it felt so good once you were finally pulled out of me!), and how I couldn’t believe you were actually mine. Your daddy still makes fun of the way I started shouting “oh my gosh, it’s our baby, that’s our baby, our baby’s here!” Then the look on your daddy’s face, pure joy.

The way everyone at church and everywhere else instantly fell in love with you. The way they helped your daddy and I when I was in the psych ward. We truly saw Christ’s love through the church then.

With Aunt Kelsye at just over a week old

When your Aunt Kelsye (my closest friend since we were 14) called and announced she would be visiting me when I was either in the psych ward or just after I got home. I chose the latter so I could actually see her. And she got up with you several times each night she was here. Then, the first time your daddy and I went out, when Aunt Kelsye was here to visit, and I realized how much I missed you.

With Grandma Snider when you were about 4-weeks-old

When your grandma Snider came to visit and couldn’t get enough of you. Between her and Kelsye, I don’t think you were let down out of anyone’s arms for a couple weeks.

The moment I realized I’d been home alone with you for several hours, and I wasn’t having any anxiety. I was your mommy, and it just felt normal.
When you first began to smile. Your first smile at a book was when you were lying on your back and daddy was reading Where the Wild Things Are to you.

Your first Easter

Your first Easter. Our house was filled with people who loved you, and good food. You were so adorable in your little striped overalls.

Memorial Day weekend with Grandpa Kyllo

When grandma and grandpa Kyllo visited and couldn’t believe how amazing you were.  We took you to the beach for the first time (Southampton), though it was cold and windy.

First best bud, Juda

Getting together with the Astoria mamas, Salma and her mommy Randa, Lucy and her mommy Kathy, and Judah and Elizabeth. We are all so incredibly different, and even have different techniques for child-rearing, but we love each other so much and you children are so cute together!

When you played with your buddy, Judah. His mommy, Elizabeth, and I felt like we’d known each other for years, though we only lived in the same city for a few months. I always said he was your first best friend. You were so adorable playing together.

4th of July

Your first 4th of July. We went to the beach with the Kellys (who ask to babysit you because you were always so chill, so we never had to pay for a babysitter, ha ha!) and then went to visit Tom and Angie (who had just had back surgery and had to stay home). When we got home, we looked out our bedroom window and you were transfixed by the fireworks we saw somewhere over the East River.

Your dedication to Christ by JR Vasser at Apostles Church NYC

Having you dedicated to Jesus at Apostles Church.

With Holly and Augie in Seattle

Taking you to Seattle for the first time over Labor Day. You got to meet much of my family and several friends, including Holly and her baby, Augie, who I went to Fiji with when I was 17 and haven’t seen in some 10 years.

On Maui with Daddy

Going to Maui, Hawaii with grandma and grandpa Kyllo for Thanksgiving. You loved eating sand, hated the water, and the only time you got mad was when we stopped you from eating the sand.

When you learned to sit up, crawl, grew your first teeth (you’re up to 5, almost 6 now!), and all those firsts that went by so fast.

All the moments I’ve forgotten here, but will remember as soon as I don’t have access to a computer.

And every moment in between.

First Santa photo, in Hawaii

Tonight we are off to Grass Valley, California. You’ll be meeting your grandma and grandpa Powers for the first time, and we will be meeting your aunt Sarah’s fiance, Matt, for the first time. We’ll be landing at about 11PM PST, and we’ll be leaving 11:44PM New Year’s Eve, so welcoming 2010 will be in the air for us.
I can’t wait for this next year. My new year’s resolution is to blog more so we can have more of a record of your early life.
I love you, my son. From 2009 and for the rest of my life.

Love, Mommy

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