Aches and pains and loose ligaments. Ahhh, pregnancy.

by christy on August 28, 2008

I finally went in to see a doctor about my headaches, since they’ve been especially bad recently, even keeping me home and back with my head in the toilet. I figured there’s not a whole lot they can do – I had to quit PT because getting up early to became almost more debilitating for me, since I work 11-7 and have my set schedule, complete with 11 hours of sleep a night (which never ends up being a whole 11 hours, now that I wake up almost hourly and often spend an hour or two just lying there, feeling bloated and nauseous – this at only 4 months!). Well, obviously she can’t give me anymore meds, but she did recommend some vitamins (B2 and Magnesium). But the most exciting thing is, they have walk-in chair massage and acupressure on Mondays and Thursdays. Since I was already late to work, and would miss most of my lunch, I sat down in the chair and let them work on my neck, which was quite pleasant. The doctor said there’s no copay for walk-ins (wow!), but the front desk people said they’d have to call my insurance about it (of course).

My back has also become really bad, mainly just above my back hips, so it hurts to walk and sleep at night, even on our Tempur-Pedic mattress. Unfortunately there’s not much she could do there (except the acupressure, which they couldn’t get to in time for me), because my ligaments and joints are all loosening up, getting ready to push baby through (which is now making me quite a bit more unsteady, and I never was the most graceful one). But she did give me a few back exercises to do, and I finally booked myself a prenatal massage on Saturday, getting my hips feeling good for some dancing in Jamaica next week!

So yeah, I’m still a mess, but I’m getting some stuff done to take care of it. And more than anything I’m still feeling blessed and excited right now. There’s so much to be done in the coming months, particularly finding an apartment pretty much the week we get back from Jamaica ASAP, while our current landlord parades potential renters through our place, causing me too much stress (though I booked my massage Saturday when he brings the most people through and takes over), registering for baby stuff and outfitting the place, but in the end it will be amazing.

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