No longer a Brooklyn Breeder

by christy on September 16, 2008

God is so, so, so good. We made it home from Jamaica Saturday night at 11PM. Sunday morning at 11AM we’re off apartment hunting in Astoria, Queens. My coworker lives in a building that used to be a part of the projects. Not the big, looming gray buildings, these are actually pretty cute, 3-story red brick buildings. For the 20 or so square blocks they own, it’s very neighborhoody and cute – almost like an NYC version of Ballard or Queen Anne back home. To the northwest is the river with some smaller parks, followed by Astoria Park which is pretty large and has a huge playground and the largest swimming pool in New York. To the southeast, and closer to the train are many great restaurants and bars. It’s at the last stop off the N/W line, which means there will always be one sitting and waiting for us, and we’ll always get a seat. It also rides above-ground through Queens, which can be nicer than being underground for a half hour or so. And it’s much much less expensive than where we are in Park Slope, Brooklyn. These places run something like $1100 for a studio, $1275 for a 1-bedroom, and $1575 for a 2-bedroom. Those of you outside New York are balking at the prices, those of you in New York can’t believe how ridiculously cheap that is! The other awesome thing about Astoria is how many friends we have living there – maybe 4 or 5 couples and several singles, and our home group from church now meets there.

So after calling the broker pretty much every week or two (because I’m a worry-wart control freak), and having her tell me every time to call two weeks before we were planning to move, we finally met and she was lovely. We looked at one apartment that was ok, but about 12 blocks from the train and not the best use of space in the layout. But the second one we went to was absolutely perfect – overlooking a courtyard, much closer to the train, and we were ready to rent. The broker loved us and was ready to rent to us that day if we wanted, except of course they had to run the credit check. Sadly, the following day we were told the apartment was unavailable. Apparently another broker had rented it out and told no one, and, as this is not the first time that’s happened, it might be the straw that gets him fired. We feel bad, but we did really want the apartment. Fortunately the broker loves us and I’m married to an amazing man who has this week off, as well. He went out last night again and they showed him pretty much our same apartment, except in reverse layout. The only two drawbacks being it’s on the 3rd floor of a walk-up (but I’m going to have to figure out how to navigate the subway stairs with stroller, so why not another challenge to help me lose baby fat?), and the view from the bedrooms is of ConEd and a carport. But it does have a dishwasher – BIG plus! Jason came home to discuss it with me first, show me the photos he took, and we decided to go with it. This morning he called them again and tomorrow night he’ll be signing the lease, whoo hoo! We move in a week from Friday.

So the rest of this week Jason will be picking up cardboard boxes from every deli and wine store he can, and finding a decent mover. Then this weekend he’ll be off at a church men’s retreat killing something and dancing around the fire with the carcass, or whatever it is they do, while I relax and pack up what I can (I’ve been ordered not to overdo it, if that’s even possible).

Every time we get ready to move I have a few weeks or months of worrying, but every single time Jesus comes through in an amazing way, wiping away all those fears aside.

I’m also amazed at how well he’s taking care of us. Times are scary. Everyone’s supercharged with the election (I’ve got my definite beliefs but refuse to argue with friends about them – I really find it pointless when we’re both going to stick to our guns and I’d rather just be friends – though I might be vocal about what I believe!), I work at a hedge fund as Wall Street is crashing and I’ve never seen people as panicked and running around and the higher ups having so many important meetings, and then of course we’ve got the war and natural disasters. Pastor JR sent out a lovely letter to the church reminding us where we put our hope – and I’m so very glad at this time that it’s not in anything of this earth – I don’t know what I’d be doing if that was the case! Right now I’ve got a roof over my head, a loving husband and family and friends and baby on the way, I’m able to indulge in most of my cravings (far more than millions around the world can do) and I’m so content.

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