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by christy on September 24, 2008

Currently I am OD’ing on Red Hots. In response to a previous post, in which I mentioned I couldn’t find the right kind of animal cookies (Keebler’s) or Red Hots candies ANYWHERE in NYC, my amazing mother-in-law sent me a box loaded with both. For the baby, of course. God bless her!

OK, since I often type a lot, if you decide not to read my blog, that’s cool, but you must watch these 2 videos. The first one Jason showed me last week and I was laughing so hard I was crying. Now I watch it when I need a pick-me-up, but can’t watch it at work or they’ll think I’m dying out here. The second Jason showed me last night and I was laughing nearly as hard. Just too funny! (And if you don’t get it, perhaps we just have a strange sense of humour.)

OK, now back to me.

Just 3 days until we move, but it’s all coming together. At Bible study last week we asked if anyone knew of any good movers. We were ready to shell out a wad of cash, but our friends told us that was ridiculous and offered to help us out. So, after spending the rest of the week packing (I can only do it for so long at a time each night before I’m just too exhausted, and my stomach, or uterus, I should say, has been sore lately so that it’s hard to move to fast or bend over), Jason’s dropping me off early on Saturday to meet the cable guy. Actually, cable guy won’t be there until 2-6PM, so it gives me a chance to have brunch with my awesome friend Julie. But Jason has to be back at our old place at noon to meet everyone, and with traffic, it just makes more sense to be there early. Plus, I tend to get too stressed out on moving day, so taking me out of the picture completely makes it easier on everyone. As I haven’t actually been to our new apartment, it’ll also give me a chance to figure out where things are going to go, and sit and read on our two oversize pillows. It’s supposed to rain that day but hopefully no one will bail out. And thankfully we’ve got a couple friends that have cars, so they can transport folks up to Astoria from Park Slope without them having to deal with the 90 minute train ride in between moving. Then of course pizza for everyone, and Jason and I will crash and probably not do anything until the following morning, when I’ll do much unpacking and Jason goes back to clean the old place. Whew!

We actually went to the new Brooklyn Ikea last night. I’ve never had a more pleasant Ikea experience, and I’m sure never will again. We road the bus (it came before the Ikea shuttle) to a nearly empty store, but first had to have dinner at their cafe. Probably less than 15 minutes. Looked at the kids’ stuff, but their cribs are nearly half the size of normal cribs – not OK when mom and dad are 5’10” and 6’2″. So we grabbed some wine glasses for $5 and then went to the rug department. Yeah, we were given some 16 wine glasses for our wedding, but they were so fragile that we’re down to two. Yes, two. I’m probably going to cry when one of those breaks, since we’ve managed to hold on to them for the last year. Somehow we still have eight martini glasses, but we never really make those.

So then we headed to the rug department. The old one we had was a brown/black shag that got filled with white cat hair and I finally broke a glass in the other day (did I not mention I tend to do that?) and so it was kicked to the curb. My designer husband is so funny – he didn’t know what kind of color/design theory goes into picking out a rug for an apartment and didn’t want anything to wild. So I showed him the ones I liked, all off-white or beige, and he chose his favorite out of those (also my favorite). We grabbed a few things on the way out and took the lovely shuttle bus, waiting right smack in front, back to our house and walked the four blocks home. So lovely and easy!

Tonight I have to make a final trip to the dreaded Brooklyn Target for some glasses (of the 16 of those we bought maybe a year and a half ago, we’re down to maybe seven – it will definitely help that we have a dishwasher at the new place so we won’t be dropping them as much anymore!). I love Target back at home but the one in Brooklyn is just overcrowded, nothing is ever where it should be, the lines are awful, and it’s just not pleasant. But we really need these glasses, and last minute things for our new home. So it’s worth it.

See, I always write too much. Aren’t you glad you watched the cute videos first?

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Christy September 25, 2008 at 9:40 am

Oops, I meant to say “Mother’s” brand of animal cookies. I’ve found Keebler’s on And yes, there IS a difference. :)

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