Our new ‘hood: Astoria

by christy on September 24, 2008

I’m stealing this video from my friend Julie, so parents can see a bit of the neighborhood we’re moving to. This is from Travel Channel’s show No Reservations, and they’re hitting up The Kebab Café (Astoria is known for it’s large Greek population and restaurants). It looks pretty freaking amazing. I’d have Julie and Chris take us, but she’s becoming vegan and I don’t know that the sheep brains and testicles will appeal to her. Hopefully Jason won’t read this, and he’ll be willing to go with me. :) As they say in the clip, though, this is the kind of stuff most of the world eats, most don’t eat fillet mignon for dinner (not that we do!). Apparently it’s praised by NYC foodies, inexpensive, and it’s right off our train stop, whoo hoo!

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Doody Mac September 24, 2008 at 10:52 pm

I’m all for having you guys come to our little Egyptian neck of the woods to try out some Kabab Cafe or Mombar! We’ve been to both, and Bourdain ain’t lyin’! They are phenomenal. I could have Ali just cook me up some vegetables and rice and you can try the brains. 😉

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