Moved in

by christy on September 29, 2008

We did it. Somehow we always do. But after this weekend, Jason has made the edict that we will raise three children in this apartment, somehow smuggle in a dog for its lifespan, and die here. Never moving again! I predict that as long as we’re in NYC and have no more than 2 young children we’ll be in our new Astoria apartment.

After a busy couple days, with Jason running on about 8 hours of sleep total, and my on 15 or so (unheard of these days!), we’re finally going to just order Thai and veg all evening.

The new place is incredibly quiet – are we still really in NYC? And it’s definitely bigger, with a beautiful kitchen and nice rooms throughout. The only problems so far are that the bathroom has very little ventilation and smells strongly of paint, and the new-shaped windows require new curtains. I was planning a run to Bed, Bath, & Beyond this evening, but that may not happen. Besides, JC Penney is having a home sale and I think I’ve decided to go with blinds for the living room, over curtains, and need to take new measurements so I can get the made-to-order ones.

Overall we’re very happy. Couldn’t have done it without the 8 amazing friends who showed up to help out and my workhorse of a husband who took over where I couldn’t due to pure exhaustion and inability to lift.

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