New Registry and Doctor’s Visit

by christy on October 15, 2008

So we decided we much prefer a crib that we found at

I was already thinking of starting a 2nd registry there because some things are less expensive. They also just updated the Babies R Us site, so it looks better but is often down, and takes way to long to load pages, so I always have to have another window up to be reading or doing something. Grr. So I’m still finishing up both registries, but it’s fun to explore.

And I had a doctor’s visit yesterday. I had the glucose test done to see if I might have gestational diabetes – should find out tomorrow if I have to go in for the 2nd, 3 hour test. Unfortunately I had called ahead of time to see if I needed to fast for a while beforehand, since my appointment was in the evening, and was told no. And so I ate gummy worms and my boss walked by and laughed and said “yeah, you’re going to fail it.” Oh well.

I do really love my doctor. I finally got to ask him more questions: would he be ok with a doula in the room? Yes, anything to make me feel more comfortable. Does he do episiotomies (which I do not want – I want to go as natural as possible)? No, not unless it’s completely medically necessary, but he doesn’t remember the last time he did one – it heals better even if you just tear a bit. And he’s just very gentle and kind and I feel safe with him. He also did a quick ultrasound (he does one every visit), and baby looks good. Placenta still looks like it’s a bit low (a little placenta previa), but in four weeks I go in for another “big” ultrasound at the professional ultrasound place (more 3D photos!). I’m also supposed to start counting kicks – when I concentrate on it I should be feeling 10 movements in 90 minutes. So far not a problem, nothing I’m worried about yet!

So now, rather than find a midwife (my original mission, until I realized how much I love my doc), I’m going on the hunt for a good doula, just to help during labor so I can hopefully avoid the drugs!

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campblsoupgrl October 21, 2008 at 12:18 pm

I’m so glad your doctor is great and he delivers babies. I had a great doctor the first time around so it was extremely difficult to find someone else after I was completely spoiled. I found a guy with an awesome bedside manner-who then told me that he doesn’t deliver babies anymore. Ugh, doesn’t anyone deliver nowadays? Found someone else but kind of nervous, I’m glad you don’t have to be stressed about that.

On a quick sidenote, I just had my dr’s appointment last Thursday and had to do the same glucose test. Haven’t heard anything back (no news is good news) — I”m thinking that even with those gummy bears you shouldn’t have a problem… :)

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