Fall festivities!

by christy on November 6, 2008

Last weekend was Halloween and my birthday. Two parties in one weekend – unheard of these days for me! (And, for more photos of the event, including some of the Apostles Church women’s retreat in the Poconos, click here.)

Friday night for Halloween we took the train with our friend Julie , whose husband Chris is out with his band on tour for a month, down to Bushwick in Brooklyn for a party with several of our church peeps. Julie was up for two nights working on her peacock costume, and I finally decided to go as a pregnant cat (painted the nipples and sewed them onto the top and painted the mask myself), while Jason went as the cat burgler who burgled me… get it? We had a great time (gooood food) and the costumes were a hit! I made it almost to 11:30PM before we called a car back to Astoria, and was wiped the following morning.

On my birthday Jason took me to an awesome brunch at what will likely become one of our constant haunts in Astoria, Sparrow, before I went and watched some of my shows I’d needed to catch up on and then crashed until it was time to head out. He’d managed to keep it a secret, though I was pretty sure he’d take me out to have tapas (my favorite food!) and sure enough, he took me to Pipa in the Flatiron district, where we met up with some friends.

I hadn’t been expecting anything from Jason, as we’re finally getting iPhones next week (our contract with Verizon is about to expire and our old phones are hanging by a thread, as is). Marilyn, an amazing artist whose been showing quite a bit around town and whose work I’d been wanting to purchase for a while, brought with her a large painting and mentioned she had a show up the street. “Oh, so you’re taking that over tonight” I said, knowing that she wouldn’t couldn’t possibly gift me with such a large piece (and she’d already given me a couple awesome books). After running to the bathroom Jason was standing up saying “happy birthday!”. I looked at him quite confused as he pointed across the table (I wasn’t wearing my glasses so it was hard to see) and finally after much explanation (I’m a bit of an airhead these days!) I learned the piece that had been unveiled was his big gift to me! (FYI I wanted to steal a shot of it from Marilyn’s website, but if you visit it here you can see it’s the 2nd one down on the “Painting” page, titled “Field”, and now hangs quite happily in our bedroom, on the wall I didn’t know what to do with!

So far 30 is great. I had been anxious to get out of my 20s – the first many years of it were full of immaturity and uncertainty and I look back on with embarassment. The last few were when I’d met the love of my life (going on 5 years ago – we met when I was 25 and now I’m 30!) and married the man, and have held many struggles and pains (particularly physical on my part). Now we start a family together and I’m so anxious to see what the next decade brings!

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