by christy on November 7, 2008

My new favorite thing to do at the end of a long, stressful day, is to lay half on my back with my shirt pulled up and my feet up on the ottoman and play knock-knock with Baby P. In the last week he (I mainly say “he” just because it’s easier and I still have a strong feeling, as do most of my friends, that it’s a boy) has been very, very active. After last week’s doctor visit (I’m up to seeing him every two weeks now!) and getting the quick ultrasound, I know that the head is down and angled towards my right side and he’s got his legs crossed so his feet are up by my ribs/stomach these days. That means I can poke him around where his knees or feet are, or his head (although I feel like I’m pushing in his face), and get a reaction. I can almost hear a whiny voice saying “Mooooom, stop poking me!”. The weirdest thing is when I my whole belly shifts as he rolls over, or does something to that effect. And this morning when I woke up my belly was noticeably bulging on the right side over the left. He’s definitely found my ribs so I do my best to shake my belly around and get him to shift, but generally it doesn’t work but get him more active, kicking up a storm. I find it mostly amusing, though. He also gets hiccups which is funny. In fact, I think he’s got some right now… or else he’s responding to the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream I just ate.

And apparently I’m looking pretty small. I’d much prefer that over looking as though I’m ready to pop! I’m just at six-and-a-half months and some people can’t believe that. The big boss of our company, on leaving last night, commented that I must be eating healthy because I look really good (I myself was expecting to blow up like a balloon or at least get a fat face, which hasn’t happened yet, thanks be to God!). I started laughing at that; everyone else that walks by and sees my eating habits knows what a joke that is!

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