Neil’s the Man!

by christy on November 10, 2008

My best girlfriend Kelsye knows I love Neil Diamond. Lord knows how I tortured her on my 16th birthday when

she spent the night, I put his admittedly bad remake of Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen on rep

eat, and went off to get ready for the day, leaving her with the song for, I don’t know, a good hour. Of all

the things I’ve done to her, that may be one of the few she’ll never forgive me for! So now it’s become sort of a thing that she teases me about, but I know she finds it endearing. This weekend I received for my birthday from her an original Japanese poster from Neil’s only starring role in a movie, The Jazz Singer. Probably one of the most creative birthday gifts ever!

So now we’ve decided to start up a “rock and roll” kitchen again, like we had when living in Seattle. That one was plastered with posters, particularly since Jason worked at Tooth and Nail and we had easy access to all we wanted. This one will be more upscale. I’m off to buy a poster frame right now!

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