Things are coming together

by christy on November 10, 2008

This weekend we finally met with the doula I’d been hoping to hire. Her name is Danelle Brown and I’m so excited to have chosen her! She’s a designer, specializing in green living, but has recently become certified with DONA. She seems very knowledgeable and will be a warrior (self-described, before I even told her that was something I really desired!) in the hospital for me when anyone tries to come at me with any drugs or convince me that something is “for the good of the baby” when, in actuality, it’s better for the hospital and staff. She did actually read up on NYU and found that they have pretty good (meaning less) c-section rates. Jason feels comfortable with her, as well, which is just as vital, since I want him to be as much a part of this as can be (meaning he’ll be feeling the pain… as I throw angry words and anything within reach at him! No, hopefully Danelle can help keep me under control and play defense if need be:)). Another great thing is she lives only about eight blocks away from us (how crazy is that in a city this big?!) and will be bringing by books and DVDs (including Orgasmic Birth, crazy name, I know, but I’ve been wanting to see it), and she can get to me fast when I actually go into labour (or, should I say, when contractions get to be around eight minutes apart – the first part of labour can go a loooong time and we all agree it would be really great just to have the two of us, Jason and I, for the first part). She will try to bring a back-up for our next meeting this weekend, just in case, and we’ll be putting together our birth plan and knocking out more logistics, etc.

I’ve decided I’m pretty much done with my registries at Target and Babies”R”Us. There’s probably more that can be done, but I’ll just be fine-tuning things from here on out.

I’ve been feeling a little down because I don’t know if I’ll be having a baby shower. Self-pity is so unflattering, but being pregnant, I’m feeling like the center of the world these days (as most pregnant women can attest to feeling). Some of the people in our church community group may throw one for us, but time is quickly running out with the holidays at hand, so Jason and I may just have a house-warming/crib-warming party in the coming weeks. As of right now we have 3 things for baby: a bed set, a diaper bag my friend Mae sent and a pair of booties my mom sent. So if baby comes today we can wrap it in the bed set, put booties on its feet, and carry it home in the diaper bag. :) I did notice Babies”R”Us is having a sale tomorrow, so hopefully I can knock some stuff off the list. We’re also praying that Dave finds a new apartment soon so that we don’t have to kick him out (he’s working crazy long hours for overtime and I know he doesn’t want to burden and will probably be out before we even ask, such a sweet man!) and can get the baby’s room ready during Christmas week.

One bright spot is that my best girlfriend Kelsye may make it out in February!!! I don’t know when any of the moms will be able to come, which breaks my heart a bit (but they’ve all got so much going on in their lives and very valid reasons for not being able to make it right away). But to have Kelsye make it would be so beautiful. She’ll get to be one of the first of people we’ve known for more than two-and-a-half years to see our little lanky, pasty white babe.

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