by christy on January 9, 2009

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry to my two or three loyal readers. :)

Here are the highlights of the last month or so:

– We had a visit to the hospital about four weeks ago. Slight bleeding and lots of cramps and the doctor suggested I go get checked out. I knew it would only be a day thing, and sure enough nothing was happening… until they gave me a couple liters of fluids (via IV, which annoyed me because it took them 4 pokes and the nurse calling an anesthesiologist to do it when I could have simply DRUNK the water!) and suddenly I started having regular contractions. They briefly thought I was in labour, but nothing was happening so they sent me home, of course. But then, thanks to lying in one position for 5 hours and not being able to move due to the fetal monitors, I had a lovely 4-day migraine and missed half of my last week of work. I also missed our second childbirth class, which really sucked, but I have an amazing husband who went on his own for the tours, endured an hour of breastfeeding education, and learned to bathe and change a baby. Brave, amazing man – I am so blessed!

– December 19th was my last day of work. I was sad to leave some of the people, but it was getting hard to get myself to work and run around all day, and obviously I’m just excited to become a stay-at-home mom. For now I spend my days watching too much TV, organizing the house, finishing up thank-you cards, etc.

– The two weeks of Christmas and New Years Jason was home. It was awesome, though we didn’t do a ton of stuff, mainly just hung out. Christmas day we opened gifts, Dave came over and the guys cooked dinner while I napped, we watched the Yule Log, and we went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with our friends Julie, Chris, and Kory in a too crowded theatre, but it was great, and we went out for drinks and appetizers after. New Year’s Eve we just stayed home, since I was once again miserable with a headache. We also got the nursery set up, and love it! We also had Dave, a professional photographer, over to take photos. Here’s the first one, though it is unfinished:

– Jason’s mom had a shower for us in California, and set us a box with all the gifts. Very sweet of her!

– My mom had a “virtual shower” for us, where I Skyped with friends and family back home in Seattle. It was awesome to get to talk to everyone and open gifts for them here.

– My cramps are getting much worse now, and as of tonight I’m getting more Braxton Hicks contractions and pains in my nethers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot. I’m 38.5 weeks, which means full-term, due in 1.5 weeks, wow! Praying for a slightly earlier baby, but we’ll see!

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