Baby Photos!!!

by christy on July 10, 2008

I went to an ultrasound center this morning to get the imaging done to see the chances of Down Syndrome, and they got lots of pictures for me!

Baby powpow is already stubborn, and of course I’m thinking “Oh no! I want a baby like Jason, easygoing, not like me!” He was happily lying on his back (I think it’s a boy, but then I’m the one who was 99% sure I was not pregnant in the first place), and the lady tried having me cough several times, she pushed on my stomach a lot (I was hurtin’ by the end, and she felt bad), but he just kept kind of swatting his arms and legs and shaking his head, not gonna move! She tried tilting me back but then he just looked like he was reclining with his feet up, so she finally went for the ultrasound the other way, which is how she got the one shot of his face.

The doctor came in and said he’s got a good little skinny neck, very unlikely he’ll have DS, but of course there’s the bloodwork to come back (which my boss says often comes back positive, for some reason!)

According to the ultrasound tech, I’m in my 2nd trimester, now at 12 weeks, 3 days! This morning I went for the first time without taking any Zofran for my nausea, and I feel great! One of my coworkers also thinks I’m showing, as Jason has thought, but according to all the websites, that doesn’t happen until week 13 or 14, so I’m pretty sure it’s just from all the extra food I’m eating. I’m trying not to go too insane, and am actually now craving some fruits and vegetables, which is good, for once.

For those who can read ultrasounds, these are adorable. For those who can’t, just fuzzy little blobs. I think they’re perfect!

Here’s my favorite, with arm and leg!

Cute little face with a perfect button nose!

Either he was moving or we have a mutant on our hands!

I think he already looks like Jason, if that makes any sense.

Little smile here.

Our little baby skeletor.

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