We may not be Park Slope parents after all

by christy on July 15, 2008

This weekend the owner of our building, Sheldon (really cool old New York guy, shrewd, but extremely good to his renters) came knocking at 10AM with a potential renter to look at our place. Every apartment from our 2nd floor to the 6th has the same layout as us, and the people who are actually moving were out. Anyhow, I mentioned to him that next year we’ll need to move into a bigger place as we’re with child, and he said he’d take a look and see what 2-bedrooms he had available then. I figured, OK, maybe he’ll remember, maybe he won’t, but our lease is signed through May and he’s the kind of by-the-book guy that won’t let us out, regardless, and hopefully we’ll just rent from him because he is so great (hand chooses tenants, sends exterminators around once a month, and actually fixes things when they break).

Yesterday Jason got a call from Sheldon who said unfortunately he won’t have a 2-bedroom available for us (though he rents his for $2400 anyhow, which would be a bit out of our price range), and told us he’d let us out of our lease at any time, and in fact we should move sooner than later, for my sake! (He really does love us, he even commented to the potential renter that he takes care of his good renters, like us.) So even though I’d been dreaming and glancing around online, looking for a potential place to move next year, now it’s actually happening, and we can do it anytime we want! Crazy, especially in this city!

So now we’ve got to figure this whole thing out. We really love being near Prospect Park, so we may consider moving to the South Slope, which is a bit cheaper, not as upscale but has some really great restaurants and is close to the park. Then there’s Windsor Terrace, which is a neighborhood over, also by the park. Or, in the next few weeks we’re going to tour Astoria, Queens, where we know at least 3 couples and a few singles, and is fairly close to many friends and Jason’s business partners in Greenpoint, and where we might pay what we are now for a one-bedroom. I’m also going to be picky – a dishwasher will be near a must, as will the option to have cats and dogs (we really want to get an English Bulldog), preferably a washer and dryer, and a little outdoor space, hopefully all for under $1900, and of course all my New York friends are laughing me as they read this post from all the wishful thinking. Oh, and 2nd floor of a brownstone or duplex would be perfect – don’t want to haul a stroller up too many stairs (especially when I’ll already be dealing with the subways), and first floor would be OK but not quite as safe. Yeah, we’re dreaming, but why not? We’ve got a few months to decide. The crazy thing is, we could probably call the broker we used last year and, if he’s still working there, he could find us a place super quick, as in within the next few weeks. I think that honestly scares me more than taking time over the next few months.

Plus, now we get to decorate a nursery!!!

Oh, and sadly I’m at home again, sick. Two days now, again having nightmares I’ll be fired, despite my husband’s reassurances that I won’t, but even if I am, it’ll be OK and God will take care of us and he’ll work hard (though now with the move, we’ll be likely paying movers and a broker, plus we’ve got a September trip to Jamaica). Waiting for a call from my doctor – I don’t know if it’s just morning sickness on the serious rebound since I quit my Zofran, or some kind of bug, but water is having a hard time staying down again. At least the cats are happy I’m home lying in bed all day to keep them warm.

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